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Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Dian Fossey and come face to face with the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. Travel through the vast open spaces or climb African highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. Discover the land of the great migration and its large herds of wildlife in Kenya. And why not end your safari adventure by unwinding at one of the tropical paradises along the Kenyan coast or magical islands?

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This area of numerous hills and swamps that later become known as Kampala was part of the core of the highly centralised Buganda Kingdom. It was also the site of the shifting Kibuga (capital) of the different Bassekabaka (kings) of the Buganda Kingdom, with each Kabaka (king) upon coronation, or subsequently during their reign, setting up their Kibuga (capital) on a new and or different hill as they wished or desired.

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